Workshop on 14 Jan 2022


Discussion on 1 year megagrant implementation results.

Jan 14, 2022 2:30 PM — 4:00 PM
Workshop 14 January 2022


Part 1. Introduction

14:20Nikolay Kasimov, Sergey Chalov. General deliverables of the 1 year of megagrant implementation

Part 2. Research outcomes

14:30Olga Popovicheva. Results on WP 2. Daily and seasonal aerosol dynamics in urban air

14:45Viktor Stepanenko. Results on WP 4. Creation of concept and methods of calculation of the mega-urban planetary boundary layer (PBL)

15:00Sergey Chalov. Results on WP 5. Chemical composition of atmospheric precipitation, soil, dust and surface water

15:15Natalia Chubarova. Results on WP 3. The interaction of atmospheric aerosol with solar radiation and heat island in the urban environment and the synergy of the influence of heat waves and air pollution on population mortality.

Workshop 14 Jan

Veronika Tsyplenkova
Veronika Tsyplenkova
Project Manager