Workshop on 25 Jan 2021


Kick-off workshop 25 January 2021.

Jan 25, 2021 9:30 AM — 12:30 PM
Workshop 25 January 2021


09:30-09:40Nikolay Kasimov, Sergey Chalov. Introduction: aims of kick-off meeting, structure of megagrant and key responsibilities.

9:40-10:00Markku Kulmala. General aims and lessons learnt from air pollution in Beijing

10:00-10:20Olga Popovicheva. Season and diurnal dynamics of particle mass, black carbon and size-segregated chemical composition

10:20-10:40Victor Stepanenko. Numerical simulation of aerosol transport in the urban boundary layer

10:40-10:55Pauli Paasonen. New observation method and modelling framework for number size distribution of urban aerosol emissions.

10:55-11:10Olga Garmash. What we can learn about new particle formation and growth from online mass spectrometry?

11:10-11:30Natalia Chubarova. The interaction of atmospheric aerosol with solar radiation and heat island in the urban environment and the synergy of the influence of heat waves and air pollution on population mortality.

11:30-11:45Alexander Mahura. Seamless modelling: approach to study meteorology/aerosols/chemistry processes, feedbacks and interactions in urban areas.

11:45-12:00Nikolay Kasimov, Natalia Kosheleva, Jessika Vasil’chuk, Dmitry Vlasov. Chemical composition of microparticles in adjacent environments of megacity.

12:00-12:15Sergey Chalov, Oxana Erina, Maria Grechushnikova. Hydrogeochemical research within Moscow megacity.

12:15-12:30 – Discussion. Future steps. Planning of exchange, equipment needed.

Workshop 25 Jan

Veronika Tsyplenkova
Veronika Tsyplenkova
Project Manager