Megapolis – Heat And Pollution Island

is a Russian Federation Megagrant granted to Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography, to perform new interdisciplinary research for the integrated assessment and analysis of the pollutants spreading in urban areas under under the supervision of the worldwide known expert in soil chemistry, geochemistry and biogeochemistry, monitoring and restoration of contaminated ecosystems, the head of the department, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of FSAU VO “Southern Federal University” Tatiana M. Minkina.

Megapolis -- Heat And Pollution Island


Main project goal is to develop novel approach of integrated hydrometeorological, geochemical and environmental analyses of megacities to provide state-of-the-art observation and modeling of urban air-soil-water exchanges. This will be done by establishing a new laboratory for studying physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere, boundary layers, soils, and surface water and their comprehensive impact on megacities' health from observations via modeling towards advanced diagnostics and forecast. Laboratory of Urban Environment and Climate - a new interdisciplinary scientific unit - has been established at Moscow State University.

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